Who we are

Commonwealth Cares® is a 501(c)(3) charity operated and administered through Commonwealth Financial Network®.

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Commonwealth Cares Fund Annual Report

One hundred cents of every dollar contributed goes directly to the causes we support. Our continuing success depends on donations and the participation of all members of the Commonwealth community, including advisors, home office staff, and their friends, family, and extended networks.


Commonwealth Financial Network is one of the largest privately held independent broker/dealer and registered investment advisers in the U.S. The firm supports independent financial advisors by helping them serve their clients and grow their businesses.

*As of 9/22, based on self-reported AUM data from 47 participating firms in the 2022 Financial-Planning.com IBD Elite survey.

Our Mission

Commonwealth Cares provides contributions of time, talent, and financial support to a wide range of philanthropic efforts aimed at relieving human suffering, promoting social and economic growth, and sustaining and protecting our planet's resources.


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